Find Your Kid with a Card

A “KidFit Card” is what you need to always be in touch with your kid or your elderly parent or loved one who may require your assistance when out in strange surroundings.

Parents in the major capitals of Indonesia are already experiencing the benefit of owning this very useful device as it helps them to be in touch with their children.  Just read what this mother had written in to give her personal review after acquiring the card:

“My grateful thanks and appreciation for saving me the anxiety of locating my young son who often goes off on his own, as he is autistic, and loves to collect bottle caps.  I no longer have to try and locate him by calling his friends who share his passion as he will wander off to some of the shops where they sell drinks, to add to his collection.  I now have peace of mind as with the KidFit Card I can easily find where he is even when he fails to answer my call”.

Would you like to have the same feeling of safety and assurance when you know that you can always be in contact with your loved ones?  Perhaps you have a parent or a relative suffering from the onset of dementia, it would then be a great relief to be able to know exactly where he or she is with this simple Kidfit Card. Just try it for a trial period of two weeks and see how it can be of great use to you and your family as a two-way convenience and safe-guard application with ability to make quick 2-way voice calls for contact.

Features of the KidFit Card are: Quick dialing system, set for designated number for quick calling; real-time positioning by GPS and LBS pointing to exact location, and supported by VOIP 2G/3G/4G network; quick SOS with immediate auto dialing facility connection; and App Management with selective on/off button, while conserving power with a durable battery.kidfitcard


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