Watching What You Eat To Stay Safe…

In today’s world of unsafe environment, contamination and threat of pandemic striking the masses, it is perhaps prudent to watch what we put in our mouths.

To avoid getting sick from food we eat here are some basic rules on hygiene that should be adhered to in order to be safe from diseases like e-coli and sars.

While being cautious about proper handling of meat and fowl, preparation of any type of produce calls for special attention.

It is a well known fact that to stay healthy we should consume at least five recommended fruit and veggies a day. So these basic rules should apply:

Wash everything, even if it is packaged to get rid of dirt and pesticide residue. Before consumption it is always wise to soak in a bowl of water with a cleansing product like Veggie Wash added, before rinsing several times.

When cooking meat and poultry, be sure to use the correct internal temperature. Easy-to-follow guidelines can be seen at

You are what you eat, so let’s stay well and happy with good, wholesome and well-prepared meals 🙂


3 thoughts on “Watching What You Eat To Stay Safe…

  1. Thanks for the tips. I am struggling to get my five servings a day. I am only at two most days. Will try to get better!

    1. Hi Claire,
      Thanks for dropping by at my blog. From your site I gather you work at some medical centre for mothers? Actually I admire nurses and caregivers as they are the most tireless people in the world. I was a secretary during my workdays but now am happily retired and learning Internet Marketing to stay alert.
      Today, went to take a walk, though a hot, sunny one, at the new Gardens and met a family from Australia. We love to make friends from afar and hope you can be a friend too. Take a look at if you can access it. Have a nice day.
      warm regards,

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